The objective of the MSc Program is the postgraduate specialization of scientists in the field of Education Sciences and in particular the development of executives in the fields of planning, organization and administration of education within the principles of adult education and lifelong learning. In particular, the purpose of the program is, through the composition of the fields of Management Science and Education, to offer the necessary knowledge and skills to participants to contribute effectively to the reform and development of educational / school units in the country and the general education system, responding to the demands of modern reality.


Δρ Ι. Μητρόπουλος

The director of the MSc
Education Management
Dr. I. Mitropoulos, Professor


2 course semesters
Master thesis (3rd semester)
8 core courses
Scholarships / tuition

Submission of candidate application

The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.
2022 Department of Management Science and Technology, University of Patras